The violet stones

The Violet Stones are an alternative rock band from the outskirts of Sydney with heart and passion for all things 90’s and grunge. Their sound consists of a modest amount of nostalgic, overdriven guitar tones with a melting pot of fusion esq. bass riffs and damn loud drums. Frontwoman, Sarah’s voice carries with it a pitch perfect yet aggressive attitude while bassist, Neil compliments chorus melodies with seamless harmonies.

The Violet Stones’ songwriting while uniquely eclectic carries obvious grunge and nu-metal influences such as Nirvana, Hole, Incubus, System Of A Down, and Korn. Sarah’s personalisation of her experiences and her own individual philosophy follow through with her relatable and haunting lyrics as a concert sound described aptly as a “portal through time back to mid 90’s Seattle” utterly enthrals the audience of their live show

Despite releasing their debut studio effort in mid 2019, the band spent the first 3 years of their collaboration from 2016 gigging across the east coast both regional and metro, making an established, underground name for themselves. Their debut album consists of a hearty 44 minutes of sympathetic, assertive stories while the DIY, aggressive production compliments the true retro throwback vibe that is The Violet Stones.

What 2020 holds for The Violet stones is brand new singles that delve deeper into the heavier and more introspective side of the band both with lyrics and instrumentation. Their newest single “Shark” scheduled for release on the 31st of July, is set to burst into the underground with a more vigorous tone and a true aptitude for the iconic, powerful riffs and melodies that make The Violet Stones an innovative energy to behold.